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SAM Champs 2008 pictures taken at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, September 2008

(All Photos by Tommy Gray unless Otherwise Marked)


 Dave Harding's crew getting the Boehle Giant ready for flight in the electric event

The wind got it before they could fly it and damaged the motor and mount. 
Dave later flew it with a Forster .99 in ignition and won the event
After fixing the motor mount, broken in the earlier wind gust induced impact, Dave Harding's Boehle Giant Electric Texaco takes off for a proving test flight late in the day.  The first contest flight the following day
resulted in a gearbox failure apparently the result of the impact the previous day.
(Steve Roselle Photo)
An RJL replica Forster 99 fitted to the Boehle Giant for the Classic Texaco event.  The first flight with the Forster was the first contest flight, but the propeller chosen was too big and the model did not climb.  A smaller propeller was fitted and a successful flight was made but this big airplane fooled Dave into landing off the field for fifth place. Dave has published a build / development blog for his Giant:
(Steve Roselle Photo)
SAM 15 President Tommy Gray with SAM Midwest VP Glen Poole timing
for him as he flies in the WEDGY Event


New SAM President Jim O'Reilly getting ready to launch his beautiful "Wren" in the rubber events


Al Lidberg of Al Lidberg Plan Service prepping his rubber job.


A great looking "Shaboom".  Sorry we do not know the pilot


Tommy Gray with Modeling Legend Sal Taibi.  Sal was signing the wing of the Powerhouse Tommy is holding (which Sal designed in 1939). Tommy's 1/2 scale version is for 1/2A Texaco


SAM President Jim O'Reilly and SAM Secretary Tommy Gray (Also SAM 15 President)


Tommy Gray, SAM Secretary & SAM 15 President, Key Crawford the SAM Rocky Mountain Region  VP, and Eut Tileston, SAM Hall of Fame member and awesome builder and flyer.


Group Photo of WEDGY Builders/Fliers.  (Picture furnished by Glen Poole)

SAM Midwest VP Glen Poole (L) Former SAM President Mike Myers (C)
and SAM Secretary & SAM 15 President Tommy Gray (R) holding the entries in the WEDGY event at the 2008 Champs   (Glen Poole furnished the Photo)
To see a few pictures inside the Academy of Model Aeronautics Museum in Muncie, Indiana,
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