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 J-3 Cub Construction Project Session #43

43 J-3 Cub Tissue Covering the Rudder
Gene Wallock is one of the all time masters on tissue covering. One example of his beautiful work is the little Monocoupe shown below. So I called him up yesterday and got specific instructions on tissue covering from him before I started on covering the J-3 Cub.
Here is what Gene said to do:
1. Use tautening nitrate dope (I am using Randolph's Dope).
2. Dope the frame work with unthinnned dope right out of the can and sand with 400 grit when dry.
3. Dope the frame work two more times with 50/50 dope (dope cut 50% with thinner), sanding with 400 grit between coats.
4. Apply tissue (shinny side out) with a small brush dipped in acetone (tissue will stick to doped frame work instantly!)..........never use dope to stick the tissue down with!
5. Cover both sides of frame work, then shrink with water from an atomizer.
6. Apply two coats of 50/50 dope, allowing drying time between,
7. Add black tissue panel lines and trim with acetone and dope the trim once.
8. Apply one to two more coats of dope cut 50% with thinner and your done.
I decided to start with rudder first as shown below because it would be the easiest to cover. Besides, I could build a new rudder quicker if I completely screwed it up.
This shows the rudder covered on both sides with Cub Yellow tissue. At first, it was a little tricky getting the tissue to overlap on the outside edges, but I finally got the hang of it. 
Rudder covered on both sides with Cub Yellow tissue held up to the light. 
Tissue shrunk nicely using a light mist of atomized water.
Tissue doped with one coat of 50/50 tautening nitrate dope. I left the picture below larger so you could better see the drum tight tissue. :O) .....................Tandy         Thanks for the help Gene! 

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